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When I ask clients what they want to do when they retire, "travel" usually is on the top of the list. More specifically, traveling outside the United States.

Living in Orlando, an international community, there are many residents that are leaving the USA during their working years too.

A surfing trip to Nicaragua, a two month family visit to Yemen and a business trip to Jamaica. All reasons people I know have left the USA in the last year.

When you go out of the country, your health insurance benefits likely do not follow. In order to protect your health and receive the best care available, while also protecting your assets, it is wise to consider purchasing a global health insurance policy.

These policy's can be for short durations (5 day minimum) to long term health insurance policies for the career globe trotters.

People who should consider global health insurance policy's include:

1) Vacationers traveling outside the USA
2) Exchange Students
3) Business Professionals traveling or living outside the USA
4) Missionaries
5) Families with relatives visiting the USA from other countries

Health issues can arise anytime and anywhere.

You could catch a nasty bug from drinking the water in Mexico, fall off of a roof you were helping to repair in Ecuador or have one of your children come down with a fever that needs immediate medical attention while in Asia.

Regardless of where you are, you deserve the best care available and don't want to have to worry about costs after the fact.

A little forethought will go along way.

I have included a link to IMG Medical Group on top of this article to inquire about this coverage. If you are a international traveler, you may consider bookmarking this link for future reference.


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