Identity Theft has Become a Huge Issue when Protecting Your Finances

There have been numerous instances of computer hackers stealing credit card and other personal information from large institutions around the world.

Today it is being reported that over 200,000 Citi customers have had their credit card data stolen when Citi Bank's systems were hacked.

Where this information ends up is anyone's guess. Inevitably, if you are a victim of your identity being hacked away from your bank, doctors office or a department store you once shopped at. you can assume that the stolen information is being sold to an unscrupulous individual or organization. These entities will attempt to create some type of harm to you.

They may take the information to get a job, buy a house or receive medical care.

Take time to protect yourself with a comprehensive Identity Theft Insurance Plan.

A good plan will monitor your credit continuously alerting you if there is suspicious activity occurring.

In the event your information is stolen and you discover a thief used your ID to get a job in a state you never lived, bought a house that ends up in foreclosure or visited a hospital to have surgery that accumulates medical bills, your ID theft protection can assist you in repairing the damage saving you time, money and aggravation trying to fix it yourself.

If all of these data breaches have you worried about your identity, consider taking steps to protect it today.


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